Easy Way To Make Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

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These Rice Krispie Treat pumpkins are ADORABLE! But I need to tell you right out of the gate – if you make them, your hands are going to get messy. Very messy. Before I figured out how to roll them properly I had gooey Rice Krispie treat mixture all over everything. Just picture me standing at the counter, trying to roll a ball, except instead of it turning into a ball, it got stuck on my palms and in between all of my fingers. Grrrr! I hate when that happens!

Don’t worry though, I figured out how to get it not to stick, so I promise you, these aren’t that bad if you follow my directions. But I’ll admit, I was getting really frustrated before I figured it out!

So here’s the trick… Every time I rolled one of the little balls, I had to rub both sides of both of my hands with vegetable oil. A LOT of vegetable oil. I filled a small bowl with about 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, and I pretty much dipped my hands in it and rubbed it all over the fronts and backs of my hands like I’d rub in lotion. My hands weren’t dripping or anything, but they were definitely generously coated. And I had to coat my hands in oil after every single pumpkin. So if you plan to make these yourself, just be prepared with a small bowl of oil.



I LOVE holiday treats (haha As if you couldn’t tell by seeing how many treats I post about at this time of year!). I never would have thought of rolling Rice Krispie treats into balls, but I saw the idea over at Cincy Shopper and I knew I had to try them! So many fun possibilities!

Other than the messy hands, they’re really easy to make!

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