Giant Donut Cake

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Giant Donut Cake! Learn how to make this adorable, sprinkle-coated, giant donut cake with a simple step-by-step tutorial by our contributors, Mary and Brenda Maher of Cakegirls.


So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone loves a good donut. They’re not just sweet little wheels of deliciousness, but covered in colorful glaze and sprinkles, they just scream fun. And well, the only thing better than a donut, is a giant donut cake. Since we’ve seen the all-occasion sheet cake time and time again, this is the perfect upgrade to whip up for a best friend’s birthday, a tween sleepover or the monthly office birthday get together.



The best part is that it’s not only easy to make but it’s really easy to customize as well. Change the frosting to chocolate and add white glaze, switch the sprinkles to neon, add drizzle, glitter or gum balls and you’ll end up with a different cake each time. You can use your favorite from scratch cake recipe for the inside, but you’ll need a good classic American buttercream recipe for the outside in order to get a fairly smooth finish. Once you add your fondant on top, you’ll want to paint it with our easy-to-make edible lacquer to get that “glazy” shine before showering your donut with sprinkles and nonpareils. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how in the tutorial below.

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