Colorful Pumpkin Chocolate Halloween Cake

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Make this pumpkin chocolate Halloween cake for your holiday celebration! With its spooky stripes and festive garnishes, it will be the hit of the party!



Ok so we are *nearly* mid-October (eep!) so I think it’s about time to start breaking out the Halloween desserts. Hooray!


What do you say we kick off the season with this spooky and fun Pumpkin Chocolate Halloween Cake!


What do you think? Alternating layers of spiced pumpkin cake and my most favorite moist chocolate cake, filled with silky vanilla buttercream and topped with a drippy dark chocolate glaze. Looks pretty impressive huh? I bet this would make a big splash at a party!


Real talk: sometimes just the thought of making a layer cake gets me all sweaty. I know! What is my problem?? I make desserts all the dang time, layer cakes should be a breeze for me. I can’t explain it, but I often get stressed just at the thought of it.

Well, this one was really pretty siimple. True, there are a lot of components, but you can make almost all of them ahead, and the decorations guarantee that this cake will be an absolute stunner. With minimal effort! It’s as easy as scattering on some store-bought Halloween candy.

I baked the layers on day one, made the frosting, assembled, glazed, and decorated it on day two. And still had time to snap all the pics before the sun went down (which is happening way too early these days, btw).

In fact, I really think it helps a lot if the cake layers have a night in the fridge. Somehow, the cake holds together better, is less crumb-y, and seems to become more moist as it chills. Just wrap them up tightly with plastic wrap so they don’t dry out.


How do you like the “naked cake” look?  Where the frosting on the sides of the cake is really thin, and you can see the layers peeking through?  I think it’s cool, especially when the cake is kinda different and eye-catching, with alternating black and orange stripes.

As for the garnishes, they really make the whole presentation. The tall, witch-pumpkin thing is a gummy lollipop I found at my local supermarket. The ghosts are marshmallow peeps, stuck onto bamboo skewers. Candy corn and mello-creme pumpkins are scattered around the one side, and chopped Oreos and festive sprinkles fill in. It’s super simple and gives such a fun look to this pumpkin chocolate Halloween cake.

If you have a Halloween party coming up I really think this cake would be a perfect addition to the table!

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