Cute Pumpkin Patch Cake for Halloween

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This festive Pumpkin Patch Cake starts off with a simple made-from-scratch chocolate cake, topped with chocolate frosting and then decorated for the season with mellowcreme pumpkins. It’s a delight for kids of all ages!


Now that my kids are grown, we don’t celebrate Halloween like we used to. But, I still like to make the day special with a treat or two…and maybe a trick if I’m savvy enough! This Pumpkin Patch Cake is a fun way to celebrate the day, and it can even make the cut for your Thanksgiving feast as well!

I used a simple and easy recipe for homemade chocolate cake here. Honestly, mixing up this cake is as easy as any boxed mix and it’s homemade! Not a chocolate lover? (Whaaaaaa?) I think the Pumpkin-Ginger Cake recipe I used in my Mini Jack-O-Lantern Cakes would be a delicious substitution for the chocolate cake in this recipe! You can decide what kind of cake base you like best.


I used a can of ready-to-use decorator icing for the leaves and vines in the “pumpkin patch,” It helped make quick work of putting this cake together. Mellowcreme pumpkins sit atop the leaves and vines to form the “patch.” I’m not a huge fan of candy corn, but I do enjoy these seasonal mellowcreme pumpkins.

I admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve visited and actual pumpkin patch! When the kids were little, hayrides, pumpkin patches and sipping cider was an annual event for my family. I still stop, every once in a while, at the farmers market up the road. They make the most amazing apple cider donuts I have ever tasted! If I am lucky, I’ll stop in just as they put a fresh batch in the window. As much as I am a girl of summer, there are a few things I do enjoy during a midwestern Fall.


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