Simple Way To Make a Cake: NO-BAKE CHOCOLATE TART

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his easy no-bake tart is made from a simple Oreo crust and rich chocolate ganache filling.


You know how when you have a cold, nothing seems to have any flavor? The funny thing is, every time it happens to me, there’s one single thing I am actually still able to taste. Not too surprisingly, that thing is chocolate. It sounds like I’m making this up because it doesn’t make any sense, but I’m being totally serious. That’s probably also the reason why I’m the only person on Earth to gain weigh instead of losing it whenever I’m sick. I can easily wipe out a chocolate tart like this for dinner. Just like I’m planning on doing this evening.


For the crust, I’m using a simple mixture of Oreo crumbs and butter, which you can never go wrong with.

For the filling, I use my favorite truffle recipe as a base. It’s dense and creamy and tastes like a dream. I like using both milk and dark chocolate to create a more complex, less bitter flavor, but using just dark is fine as well.