18 Yummy & Fun Halloween Dinner Recipes-Have You See These?

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We’ve Rounded up 18 Yummy & Fun Halloween Dinner Recipes-Have You See These?


These Wonton Bats are simply adorable and delicious!  Something different for your Halloween buffet.  Kids will love the shape!  Easy recipe. Click HERE



This snake in the grass sandwich platter looks fun and delicious. By cutting it into small pieces, your guests can try this without filling up on just one item.  Fabulous!  CLICK HERE


We are having the 7 layer taco dip this Halloween and I am definitely going to put a Halloween spin on it like the one above. Super simple to make and very festive.  Click HERE


How about some Garlic Mummy bread? So cute and so easy.  CLICK HERE

This green salad has carrot Jack-o-Lantern pieces and Swiss Cheese Ghosts. Such a cute touch to a simple dinner side.  Click HERE



Love how easy this Mummy Cheese sandwich is.  Guests just slide a sandwich off the skewer. You could put meat on them too if you like. Wouldn’t they look cute at your party.  CLICK HERE

Crackers and Dip are a MUST at any party and this Witch hat is perfect for a Halloween party.  Love the carrots used as a ribbon around the hat. Cream cheese, cheddar cheese and other yummy things are included in this recipe.  CLICK HERE



Add some carved skulls to your Halloween Veggie Tray. What a unique thing to do with mushrooms.  CLICK HERE
How adorable are these Kiwi Frankenstein? A sweet treat without all the sugar.  I think the kids will really love this Halloween Treat. See a photo tutorial  CLICK HERE
Meatball Mummies are sure to please the Meat-a-Saurus at your party. Even the eyeballs are edible.  You could make your own pizza dough or use a refrigerated pizza dough. CLICK HERE
Mini Spider Pizzas are just the right size for the kids. Usually they are so excited and have already had a lot of candy by the time you eat your Halloween dinner and don’t have a large appetite.  The olive spiders are so cute!  CLICK HERE 
These Mini Monster Sandwiches are cute but also yummy. Basically you make whatever kind of sandwich your family and friends like and then just add the garnishes on top of the bun to create a monster. You could even send these in the kid’s lunchbox.   This is my favorite one on the page!  CLICK HERE
Just put these pumpkin shaped dinner rolls on the dinner table and watch everyone’s reaction. They are very cute and so perfect for this time of year.  CLICK HERE
Another delightful Monster sandwich!  If you don’t like chicken sandwiches just make up your favorite and add the green olives with pimento eyeballs and jagged cheese. Super Simple but cute for Halloween! CLICK HERE
You’ve probably seen a veggie skeleton before but I like this one as it is a simplified version and easier to put together. Kids, Halloween and Vegetables? Yes, it can happen!  CLICK HERE
Here’s another cute way to make mini pizzas. These are made using Rhodes Frozen Rolls which makes it even easier. Just thaw out the rolls to make these mini pizzas. They have a lot of fun Halloween recipes for their frozen dough. CLICK HERE for this and more recipes.
We’ll end this Halloween post with this adorable Frankenstein sandwich. Again, super simple to make. Just make your kid’s favorite sandwich, doesn’t have to be meat, can be a cheese sandwich.  Then just ad the garnishes shown above to make it a Halloween dinner or lunch.  CLICK HERE
Happy Halloween!!!