Millionaire Pie (Pina Colada Pie)

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This super easy and fast dessert is like a piña colada in pie form. It’s fruity, creamy, simple, and delicious too!

I’ve got spring fever. So I’m bringing you a simple no-bake pie that tastes like a piña colada.

This quick no-bake pie reminds me of a family favorite recipe too: pink stuff. Pink stuff is a staple at every family get-together. Every holiday, every picnic, every occasion. My grandma particularly loves it. Whenever she stumbles upon that recipe, she get so excited and always says “Oh, I’m gonna make this for <insert next holiday here>!”


Pink stuff is essentially a base of Cool Whip and sweetened condensed milk, with various fruity mix-ins. It’s really light, fluffy, creamy, and fruity. The most notable ingredient is a can of cherry pie filling that gives it the lovely pink hue! We refer to this dish as a ‘salad’, but it’s really a dessert, in my opinion. A refreshing and light dessert!

Millionaire Pie is not all that different from our beloved pink stuff. In this Millionaire Pie recipe, you again start with a base of Cool Whip and sweetened condensed milk. They’re fabulous together! I happily eat either of those things all on their own with a spoon. Did you ever meet a Cool Whip and sweetened condensed milk recipe that you didn’t love? Exactly.

And if you’re anything like my family, you actually have quite a few more recipes that start off with this dynamic duo. We have a surprising amount of them, but no complaining here!

The main difference between pink stuff and Millionaire Pie is, of course, that it’s a pie! So there’s that. But it also has a little bit different mix-ins than my family’s pink stuff. With all the coconut and pineapple, this pie tastes a ton like a piña colada.

It’s a fantastic summertime dessert that comes together in literally minutes. The taste is out of this world – like piña colada in a pie. It’s chock-full of sweetened coconut, loaded up with pineapple and maraschino cherries (I adore those little sugar bombs!), and gets a generous helping of crunchy, buttery pecans for nuttiness and texture.

Recipe >>>>>>>>Millionaire Pie (Pina Colada Pie)