Slow Cooker Easy Chicken Alfredo

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This simple slow cooker easy chicken alfredo requires 5 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time. It’s rich and creamy and an easy weeknight meal.

This slow cooker EASY chicken alfredo recipe has been a life saver, while our kitchen is going through renovations.

Honestly, this renovation is taking way longer than we expected…sighs!

I don’t want my family to be eating out every day, which is why we have been relying on easy CROCKPOT recipes.

This SIMPLE crockpot chicken alfredo recipe is kid-friendly and absolutely delicious!


This QUICK and easy chicken alfredo:

is rich and creamy
requires 5 ingredients
requires 10 minutes of prep time
has numerous flavor variations

How to make easy chicken alfredo pasta? How to make chicken alfredo sauce? How to make chicken alfredo with Ragu alfredo sauce?

Recipe >>>>>> Slow Cooker Easy Chicken Alfredo